Soon, users of Instagram can upload all their data on the app


Users will be able to Instagram soon download all of the data collected by the application about them, in the light of the latest controversy about how to share Facebook data of its users with other companies, the spokesman confirmed Instagram to the site “TechCrunch” American that the app will be a new tool, similar to those provided by Facebook, which will allow users to download all their data.

The information that will enable users to upload all the photos and videos that have been shared on the social network, in addition to any consultations or stories stored in the archive of the user, in addition, any record of the reporter, whether it is a private conversation or a group chat, would also be available for download.

And even now, did not reveal Instagram about the Launch Date set for this tool, but it is likely to be disclosed within the next month, due to the Privacy Act European, which will become operational starting from May 25, which requires all social networks provide a similar tool.

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