Soon.. watch La Liga via VR

La Liga football or what is known in because of name it the Spanish wanted to incorporate the latest techniques and technology to deliver the best experience to his viewers, and in this framework was to exploit the knowledge of the MWC 2018 to review the new technologies that will be made available. These include techniques that come in collaboration with Intel a number of new experiences when watching the games like the possibility to show 360-degree and use the technology TrueView to view statistics using VR or augmented reality, which I had before in the NBA and the NFL.

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality during the games.

The techniques of virtual reality and enhanced have become of great interest in the recent period, where these techniques are part of the lives of many, but despite the fact that there is so much I don’t know about these techniques and certainly the use of the Spanish League don’t help to spread faster.

To develop new techniques in the new stadiums in Spain, is mode 38 camera around the field, to assemble two-dimensional images from all directions for 360-degree video, where is the improvement of the final video with the support of the camera in the sky over the stadium.

It is also planned to provide new technology allows viewers to explore a moment of their favorite match without the need to view the stills chosen by the Director phone me don’t, where will viewer can watch any moment from any angle he wants, which gives an unprecedented experience.

Put yourself in the place of the player solving techniques to

Due to the presence of 38 camera in the stadium, it doesn’t mean only what we have mentioned previously, there is also a new feature will “Be the Player” or “be the player” which allows you to put yourself in the place of the player, enabling you to analyse their performance better and to understand their decisions in an unprecedented way.

Did not expect more at this, features a “Laser Wall” or the wall of the laser is one of the new features also which you’ll see the stats on the screen it will draw lines to illustrate the recording of solve this problem is to become whether the government’s decision is right or not clear fully. Surely all this is evidence of catch up football quick to take advantage of modern technologies that certainly we circulated fast in all the world.

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