Soon.. WhatsApp adds “feature holidays”

قريب.. واتساب يضيف "ميزة العطلات"

Despite the many problems raised by Facebook recently, however, the company does not cease to update their apps continuously, including the application WhatsApp your conversations famous. According to new information the application WhatsApp is preparing to add the feature of “holiday” soon or what will Vocation Mode plus the added advantage of linked accounts or the accounts tethered next to changing the way of dealing with messages when you do a link to the person or Mute.

According to WBBetaInfo interested always updates obtained by the application of the WhatsApp application will change the way he dealt with notices of private messages to persons who have been here where they won’t appear as the app in the Home screen will be calculated only messages coming from people has not been erased and will not be able to the user change that and refer to the case of the first app when he was dying all the notifications without distinction.

One of the new features is also a feature of the holidays or Vocation Mode, which, according to him to allow a user to not return the messages that have been archived when sending a new message, as previously when sending a message in a conversation has been archived appear in the inbox normally is what will change in the update WhatsApp the next or one of the next updates most likely.

Also one of the exciting features coming to develop the WhatsApp is a feature of the accounts linked which allows linking your WhatsApp account to your a number of other services which obviously feature exists basically to the calculations of the business of apps Business Accounts but it will come to regular accounts also where you will connect the Inter is the first things available in the principles. Maybe link the Facebook also was within the company’s line where it appeared the accounts of WhatsApp in Facebook since a long time via the app to your Facebook and then disappeared after.

To link the account instead was you need to enter his data again within the WhatsApp where it is possible to use this feature in the watch case Statuses via the Inter and WhatsApp at the same time. One of the nurses possible to link Facebook accounts instead was is the excellence of recovery of these accounts through the app which depends on your phone number without the Rings or the secret word.

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