Soon will propose Google Image adjust image documents with one click

قريبًا ستقترح صور قوقل ضبط صور المستندات بنقرة واحدة

Use Google Image “Google Photos” artificial intelligence to do all the wonderful things which touch it on the ground, starting with a compilation of images of “collage” automatic, to feature the notice to edit an image, as well as feature tags and search and so much more other smart.

The new service, and specifically we’ll see him next week, will get the app on Android only, feature a “proposal” to adjust photos of documents, by providing options to single click to change the economy and adjust the color balance to make it more visible.

Thus will the new job is similar to how to make images offline, of proposals to fix the lighting in the stills or rotate the image side to be right side up, and other smart suggestions very useful.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, use Google to launch their advantage of this during the next week, and specifically on Android only, although no signal Google to transfer water to users of iOS, it is sure to see it through to the next stage.

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