Soon you can buy a smartphone with a capacity of 1 TB, thanks to the new volume of the Samsung

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The company announced the Samsung today Wednesday she has started the stage of mass production for the first unit of the flash storage Global Compact eUFS 2.1 with a capacity of 1 TB, so as to be used in the next generation of smart phones.

Said the giant consumer electronics and semiconductor Korean in a publication on her blog: “after only four years of the introduction of the first solution to the UFS, which is the eUFS with a capacity of 128 GB, swept the Samsung threshold TB, the long-awaited storage smart phones”.

Added Samsung: “you will be able to lovers of smartphones will soon enjoy a storage capacity that can be compared to a laptop is excellent, without the need to pair their phone cards additional memory”.

Zhu Choi, executive vice president for sales and marketing of memory in the Samsung Electronics: “expected to play eUFS with a capacity of 1 terabyte a crucial role in Bringing user experience more like the right fit personality to the next generation of mobile devices”. He added: “and more, pick up the Samsung to ensuring the supply chain is the most reliable quantity of production appropriate to support the launch of flagship smartphones in time to accelerate the growth of the global mobile phone market”.

According to Samsung, the storage unit eUFS new 1 TB will allow users to store 260 video clip 4K UHD duration of 10 minutes, compared to the storage unit. eUFS with a capacity of 64 GB and is used in many current smart phones that use 13 video clip just the same duration and accuracy.

The company said the unit eUFS with a capacity of 1 TB enjoy exceptionally fast, allowing users to transfer large amounts of multimedia content in a very short time period, as the data transfer speed provided by the new volume of 1 GB per second, which is twice the data transfer speed for tablets storage SATA customized to fit the personal.

The Samsung that this speed will allow the transfer of the film high resolution HD size of 5 GB to the disk NVMe SSD by about 5 seconds, which is ten times faster than the speed of transport to the external memory cards microSD.

The gate Arab News Technical soon can you buy a smartphone with a capacity of 1 TB, thanks to the new volume of Samsung

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