Soon you will be able to communicate with users of the Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp and vice versa!

Users of Facebook Messenger and users of WhatsApp will be able to soon communicate with each other directly without having to use the same application depending on the evidence already discovered in the code application WhatsApp which will see the Partnership start messaging cross-platform Cross-Platform as he wants to Mark Zuckerberg treatment! What details?فيسبوك ماسنجر

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will enter the messaging subscriber

Experts in website WABetaInfo specializing in news and leaks, WhatsApp has discovered codes code to bring the state among the producers in one way or another, and through this feature you’ll be able to connect your WhatsApp account to your account Messenger, or even messaging someone on Messenger directly through WhatsApp, but with some conditions which we don’t know yet of course.

Recall that Mark Zuckerberg may talk about this idea earlier, this is where he wants to make correspondence possible between all the platforms owned by Facebook, including Messenger, WhatsApp and even Instagram, it seems to us that the start will be with the organization two months WhatsApp user.


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At the moment still, WhatsApp is a platform live chat and months on all the most popular, but we can never deny how much thought and witnessed in suitable applications such as Telegram, which in itself is May is Facebook to make even more and don’t pull the rug out from under them, and in previous months we have seen several updates for Facebook are different, and are stable, and don’t forget the new additions that have seen their WhatsApp in the previous period such as animated stickers and the arrival of the feature to add users by using the QR code.

The idea of integrating messaging between all of the WhatsApp user -maybe Instagram DM – is the best what can Facebook do in the meantime, this is where it in this way will the process of communication is awesome between the platform users and products and you can imagine how productivity and ease when they are able to correspond with anyone from any app!

What do you think of it? And what is the messaging application chat that you use daily and depend on it? We shared right now in the comments.

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