Soon you will be able to update processor Snapdragon your through the Play Store!

Qualcomm has established a major event in the city of Huai America, during announced for the guidance of the new Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765, but in the second day of the event this event announced the Qualcomm about the new technology and amazing, which is the possibility to update the graphic cards GPUs for these processors directly from the Play Store!

The possibility of update processors, Qualcomm’s new from the store.

As announced Qualcomm will be able to update the processor directly through the updates launched by Qualcomm itself on the Play Store! This method is similar to the style of work of the equipment manufacturers of computers like Nvidia eh MD where it says these companies to issue periodic updates for its graphics which bring improvements to the performance along with support for new games.

What we can conclude is that those updates will increase the performance of the processors and periodically this coupled with its support for new games, especially those that come from large companies, eg. we find games like building mobile-Kowloon-off dot.

This feature will be available for phones that come with new processors 865 and 765 while they are -unfortunately – will not be available to Qualcomm’s senior, also has the company explained that this feature will be available also for products which will be launched in the following years, it behooves us to recall that the first phones to come with Snapdragon 865 will be the Galaxy S11, while the second processor Snapdragon 765 will be available in 2020 in the phones of average and above average many of the most manufacturers of smart phones.

You can watch the entire conference from the following link:

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