Sound detection headline the first electric car of the luxury brand Cadillac


Frequency in the last week that General Motors will be its efforts in the electric car market using the brand Cadillac in fact. In line with that, has now been published the photo headline the first electric car of brand Cadillac on the internet. As part of the strategy of the new company, became the Cadillac now is a brand that undermine the efforts of the parent company, General Motor in the electric car market and will compete strongly in this market the UFC.

Posted this photo headline new for the first electric car of brand Cadillac prior to the Detroit Auto Show. These images suggest that this electric car will retain the same design language that we are used to see in cars Cadillac such as the headlights vertical. The company will start with an approach paper to clean the cabin interior to be the creation of the cabin more luxurious.

Regardless of the sound, did not disclose any additional information about this electric car the first of the brand Cadillac. Thus, we do not know what is the name which will be launched on this car, and what its specifications, and its arrival. The company said only that it will be us about these details when approaching the launch date.


If one has to contend with these pictures alone, it appears that the first electric car company the Cadillac will be of the category crossover, this means that you will get varying degrees on the properties and specifications of a sports car multi-purpose. And, apparently, it will also depend on the platform BEV3 the new General Motors Company, which aims to use flexible for different types of electric cars. You can use nine different models on this platform, at least according to previous reports.

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