SoundCloud celebrates more than 200 million music track, original and

ساوند كلاود تحتفي بأكثر من 200 مليون مسار موسيقي أصلي ومعدل

House Music SoundCloud is very popular and the number of users exceeded 175 million distributors in different regions of the world, they also provide today more than 200 million music track loaded on the product at the time providing services of great musical number less copy $ 35 million songs and Apple TV musical about 45 million songs.

But this vast difference in the tracks the problem back to being the SoundCloud platform provides a flexible to its users and makers of audio content, for example, they provide a refuge for the songs added sound effects arts etc. the nature of legal content anti without violating the property rights of the track the original this feature is favoured by a lot of lovers of the region were content knowledge, especially of the youth.

If we compare the part of contributions paid between SoundCloud and subsea service and Apple’s music we will see a difference significant also, but this time in favour of the producers of the other, although the involvement of iCloud lower by about $ 5 they also provide exclusive content to that the numbers of their contributions paid in the range of 100 thousand and the rest packed with free content available, while Spotify has crossed the total contributions paid to the barrier 87 million during the statistical year past 2018.

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