Source: Sales of Xbox One reached 46.9 million units with the end of the second quarter of 2019

Xbox One S

Since the timing of Microsoft Corporation on the participation of the device sales its domestic, Xbox One, and we are in total darkness about the performance of the device in different global markets, and whether indicators reflect the performance of the best in America and Britain from the rest of the world markets. Competitors, on the other hand, did not hesitate to share their numbers, we know that places have sold more than 100 million units since November 2013, and we know that and Switch sold about 37 million units since March, 2017.

The knowledge in the field of shopping and entertainment “Daniel A.” confirmed earlier that the total sales of the device have reached 41 million units with a year-end fiscal 2018, and by another data of the agency IDC, we got a number to estimate the new total sales until the end of the third quarter of the current year (end of June) increased by 46.9 million units.

Keep this data is discretionary, and may be close to the truth but we cannot know the exact performance of the organization without official statements from Microsoft.

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