Sources: companies, Dell and HP refuse to join the program GPP is the reserve of the Nvidia


Is NVIDIA the masses through its new Geforce Partner Program marketing the products of its partners through the network and social media, how will these partners a chance to access amount to the latest technologies of NVIDIA. On the other hand, a report from hardocp that this software is also proprietary program, which includes partners version of their brand graphics cards exclusively with NVIDIA.

Leaves many in the technical community that the companies MSI and Gigabyte and Asus have signed already on this program, and it will support cards AMD graphic as we heard previously, with the exception of Asus who will be launching a brand new custom cards, AMD does not bear the name of Asus itself but the relationship of AREZ. Anyway, the report stresses that both HP and Dell have refused to accede to this program, and they don’t want to deliver custom branding of the games from the edges of the installed portable buy NVIDIA, where prevails the belief that this program is not immoral at the level of competitive, and probably illegal also, while the site looks Lenovo clear until now.

The report stated that Intel also familiar with the programme of GPP from Nvidia, and that this program threatens their interests, especially with its platform next that Destroyed the of their with the Processor a fee based on the kernel of AMD Radeon, and does not exclude the report of the rapid ignition and movement of judicial between NVIDIA and Intel in the near future.

Companies that don’t sign on to this program lose the right to launch the package business with the games, the discounts on Nvidia cards, and early access to the latest technology, marketing and media from Nvidia, but it retains its brands, special games and founded over the years without any kind of exclusive.

Asian companies think it’s on what looks like it’s not only common interests between these parties, and she continues to support him, but that other us corporations do not want to put their brands at the mercy and control of NVIDIA.

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