Sources: source: Microsoft may abandon the launch of the device domestic Xbox Lockhart!


Previously we heard that Microsoft may be on its way to the launch device for the new one payment instead of one device, the most powerful device Xbox Scarlett and the device to the budget holders limited the Xbox Lockhart. At least, that’s what’s referred to in media reports close to the Microsoft such as Windows Central.

Recently started some of the rumors spread on the internet from several sources such as the warrior Benji on Twitter, this rumor remember that Microsoft may abandon the idea of launching the Xbox Lockhart entirely, and maybe you don’t see Microsoft need to launch this device with all of the Xbox One and Xbox One X. In addition, it seems that the idea has received opposition from some developers who don’t want to buy their work with different specifications.

Anyway, we’ll know more about Microsoft’s plans about this. when you clear it.

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