South Korea: data leakage about North Korean defectors

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كوريا الجنوبية: تسرب بيانات عن الهاربين الكوريين الشماليين

She said South Korea today is Friday the personal details of up to a thousand people fleeing North Korea have settled in the South has been leaked after hackers anonymous access to a database of resettlement agency through a computer infected with malicious software, and has indicated that South Korean Unification Ministry she discovered the last week to steal names, dates of birth and addresses of up to 997 people KOREA North across a computer infected with malicious software in an agency called the center Han Hana in the city of Gumi Gumi, South Korea.

Noted official in the ministry that he has been planting malware through email messages sent from the internal address, in reference to the e-mail account of the special status of Han, which is the center from among the 25 institutions run by the ministry in the country to help about 32 thousand people from North Korean defectors since the end of the Korean War to adapt to life in South Korea is the most democratic and wealthier by providing employment opportunities and medical and legal support.

Selects the dissidents Koreans, northerners risked their lives to escape poverty and political persecution in North Korea, is being viewed in North Korea as a source of shame, exposed to attack by the state media of North Korea, which describes them as “the scum of mankind”, and spies in South Korea kidnapped some.

Declined responsible minister to say whether he thinks that North Korea is behind the hack or what might be the motivation behind it, saying that an investigation is going on in the company, the hackers are North Koreans have been accused in the past by launching attacks cyber to agencies of the state and the people of South Korea, where she stole North Korea in the past year confidential documents from the Ministry of defense of South Korea and a facility for ship building.

While offering one of the platforms digital currency encrypted at South Korea’s request for disclosure of bankruptcy following an online attack linked to North Korea, denied official media in North Korea of being behind these cyber attacks.

The latest data breach in the accurate time for the two Koreas, which make big progress in improving relations after years of confrontation, the ministry said the unit it says to notify the dissidents affected, and that it had not received any report about any negative impact as a result of a data breach, the official said the ministry: “we apologize for the occurrence that we will make efforts to prevent a recurrence”.

The gate Arab News Technical South Korea: data leakage about North Korean defectors

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