South Korea prepared for exploitation for the Windows OS responsible for Linux most

Planning to the government of South Korea for a real transition of the account on the Windows OS in their government agencies to Linux and the exploitation of this system, the key least expensive, where to put the Ministry of internal affairs of the Korean lines, the initial implementation of this which will be initially through the installation of the Linux system on the hardware of government and then expand the circle to work out in the case of passing the probationary period without having problems of compatibility with other software as well as efficacy in the apartments security.

Nor are the features of the transition plan for the Korean government to clear for a moment since you did not specify a period of time to do it or set a date to start development, with the science to support the free version for Windows 7 ends in January next year, and makes the government have to consider the updated of windows after 2023 in order to maintain the continuation of operations in series and therefore experience greater costs.

The Microsoft may not change this transition wide attention at the current time due to its extensive service by the cloud and its attempts to export the Windows OS system requirements as a service instead of selling the women, the unique all business, while not ignoring the dependencies step Korean company in case of its success and the number of states for the same approach.

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