South Korea will replace soldiers with robots

Any army in the world, no matter how professional she may be, has one significant drawback: the soldiers have the ability to grow old, to lose the skills and even die, which, by itself, reduces the efficiency. Nearly all these deficiencies are deprived of the robots (well, except that total destruction), so the question of “call” robots in the service was only a matter of time. And will soon replace humans with robots will be South Korea.

This statement recently made by the Minister of defence of the country song young-Moo. According to a statement from 2024 to serve in the South Korean army will receive the first “mixed” units that will consist of both robots and humans. Over time, the success of the initial venture, the number of robots will only grow. Such a move is associated not so much with the desire to be at the forefront of progress, but with the sharp decline of population, demographic decline, and, correspondingly, with a reduction in the number of soldiers. In the first stage, according to the experts, intelligence robots will replace about 600 soldiers, and the use of Autonomous combat vehicles will increase this figure up to 2500-3000.

It is worth noting that South Korea is the first country adopting the robotic technique in their ranks. U.S. intelligence has long been almost do not use “human labor”, preferring the unmanned aerial vehicles. Also, the U.S. air force has adopted a system that allows the drones to destroy the enemy drones, and the UK is even beginning to implement in the military sphere of artificial intelligence.

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