Space agency NASA wants to open ISS for tourists


Do you want to go to space? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know that the space agency NASA has announced its plans to open the International Space Station (ISS) for tourists in the year 2020. The concept of space tourism is not new, but with the leadership of the agency NASA is to open the International Space Station, this will allow for tourists to explore new places was restricted previously.

According to the finance director in the agency NASA, Mr. Jeff DeWit, it was announced by saying : ” say NASA opens space station for commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as never before “. Unfortunately, this trip to space won’t be cheap. It is estimated that the cost of a ticket to travel back and forth to the space will be one person of tens of millions of dollars, and tourists spend about 35000 USD per night spent there.

You will most likely make the task of two private and two short per year to the International Space Station, is expected to continue each task for about 30 days, which means that to stay there for the whole month will be a million extra or so, plus the cost to travel there. This means that when it comes to tourist destinations, the vacation in the International Space Station out of reach of many.

However, if you have the funds, it can be the trip of a lifetime that require it, although it will have to wait for a while before we see people traveling to space for a holiday there.

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