“Space Wallpapers”: named finalists of the “Astronomy photographer of the year”

“Astronomical photographer of the year” (Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year) is the largest international competition of astrophotography, which are submitted annually amazing shots of the night sky and the Universe. The contest was founded ten years ago, the Greenwich Royal Observatory and is still the largest event in astrophotography.

“This year has shown us that to judge the work of participants in some categories is extremely difficult, says Melanie Vanderbrook, art curator at Royal museums Greenwich. For example, in the category “Stars and nebula” showing the beauty of the various colors, textures and shapes.”

The competition was attended by 4,200 photographs from photographers from 91 countries. The winners of the prestigious competition will be announced on October 24. On the same day in honor of the decade of competition in the National Maritime Museum of great Britain opens an exhibition at which the winners will be presented with the best photographs of the past.

Among them are the work of Russian photographer Artem Mironov, who made the gas and dust clouds in the Molecular cloud Rho Ophiuchus (pictured above).

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