SpaceX doesn’t want to acknowledge the explosion of their spacecraft. Why?

Sometimes when a small metal capsule filled with rocket fuel, can cause an explosion. That’s what happened last weekend when private aerospace company SpaceX conducted a static test of the SuperDraco engines of the emergency rescue crew new spacecraft, Dragon 2. All the world’s media tries to describe this event in the colors: “the ship Crew Dragon exploded,” wrote the portal, Scientific American, Business Insider called the incident “a big explosion of power”, Quartz reported that the SpaceX ship “blew up”. What SpaceX? And the company Elon musk called the incident “an anomaly”. What is it? Childish or reluctance to admit a serious mistake?

In the Network appeared even video really “soap”, apparently captured from long distance on the phone, which though bad, but you can see what really happened to the ship Crew Dragon at Cape Canaveral.

If you do not watch this video, and immediately read the official statement from SpaceX, you do not understand what really happened, as the company tried hard not to focus on the explosion:

“Earlier today, SpaceX conducted a series of static tests of engines of a spacecraft Crew Dragon ground Landing on the Zone 1, located at the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first tests completed successfully, however, during the last test on the test bench was recorded anomaly. The main reason we do tests is the need to guarantee that our systems meet the most stringent safety requirements, and to identify anomalies such as this. Our engineering team are investigating the incident and are working closely with our partners from NASA,” — said in a statement.

You got any of that? By the way, SpaceX is not the only space Agency that uses the term “anomaly” to describe serious problems with their spacecraft. For example, NASA used this word to describe the problems associated with the launching of their rockets, as well as problems with the communication equipment on one of its Autonomous space exploratory probes. But I have never been to NASA called the explosion “an anomaly”. If the Agency something explodes, it is directly reported.

Of course, one does not exclude the option that some so-called “anomaly” has led to the explosion, but to call the event “anomaly”? No, it is clear that the explosion of the spacecraft immediately subconsciously trigger thoughts about casualties (fortunately, at this time there), spent a pile of money and a huge loss of time. It is clear that one of the leaders of world leaders of the space industry would like to avoid such associations in his statement. But to put between the anomaly and the explosion of the equal sign, especially when walking in the “Internet” video sorry, but this is complete misinformation.

Work on the camera Crew Dragon is already late, and further delays can seriously complicate the situation of NASA. Currently the US has no technology to send people into orbit since the space Shuttle program was closed in 2011. NASA has to pay about $ 80 million per seat to send its astronauts to the International space station aboard the Russian Soyuz, and members of Congress don’t like it.

It was planned that the key test of the emergency rescue unit Crew Dragon will be held in June, and his first mission with astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on Board was scheduled for July. After the incident, the incident will have to forget about these plans until at least the end of this year.

Situations can benefit from the Boeing company, which like SpaceX to order NASA builds its spacecraft for delivery of American astronauts into orbit. A few days ago, it was believed that the Boeing hopelessly behind. Due to problems with the system of emergency rescue of his ship, the Corporation was very late, and if SpaceX its first unmanned test flight conducted in March, that Boeing only have to do it in the summer of 2019. Now after this “gift of fate” has had time to finish testing his ship before the competitor.

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