SpaceX succeed in the launch of the 60 satellite as part of its ambitious Project Starlink


Earlier this week, we told you that the company SpaceX will try to launch 60 satellite as part of the Project Starlink on Thursday. This was in the wake of several postponements and cancellations due to the weather and examinations additional in the final moments, but it seems that things went in the end as planned because of the rocket Falcon 9 did not achieve an impressive achievement and not only, but also succeeded in the deployment of satellites.

It was confirmed by the company SpaceX in the calculation of its official Twitter account, while announced founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Elon Musk also that all the satellite 60 may be connected with the internet. And for those who have not heard about the Project Starlink before, is a project designed by his firm SpaceX to bring the internet to all over the world. We have already seen how a company like Facebook to explore the idea of using drones, while Google did the same thing but using balloons.

However, imagine a CEO of SpaceX and Mr. Elon Musk to launch up to 12,000 satellite as part of the Project Starlink to cover the entire planet, which means bringing the internet to all corners of the Earth. It is also expected to adopt satellites for solar energy to continue its work. And also it’s made from materials that will burn quickly when you go back to the atmosphere, which reduces the number of debris that may collide with Earth when these satellites for work.

Maybe it will take some time before it is provided to the internet through a Project Starlink, but at least the idea began moving on the ground.

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