SpaceX told about another accident spacecraft Crew Dragon

In March 2019, the ship Crew Dragon successfully delivered the cargo to the International space station. Following this success, the company SpaceX intends to carry out a manned launch vehicle in July, but the recent explosion of the capsule became possible to cause the transfer of the mission to another date. I believe it is because the head of piloted programs of NASA bill Gerstenmaier told about another accident with the ship’s Crew Dragon. This time the problem is a broken parachute for a soft return of the ship to the Ground.

During a speech to the parliamentary Subcommittee on space Gerstenmaier told about the failed test of the Crew Dragon parachutes on the dry lake DELAMAR in Nevada. The SpaceX team wanted to make sure that the system is secure fit will ensure a soft landing even in case of failure of one of the four parachutes. They deliberately ruined one of the parachutes and dropped the capsule from a great height, but the other three parachute simply does not open.

We did not get that result on which counted, — he admitted, Gerstenmaier.

Of course, the test capsule after falling on the ground was badly damaged. The cause of the malfunction is still unknown, the problem could occur due to incorrect resetting of the capsule, and because of poorly-tested design of parachutes. Anyway, experts SpaceX and NASA are investigating, and will soon announce the results.

Date manned flight Crew Dragon is still unknown, but the success of the mission will greatly affect the space industry. Still to deliver cargo and people to the ISS was used by the Russian “Unions”, but if successful it will begin to be used and American counterparts. Read more the prospects that open spacecraft SpaceX, you can read in our material.

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