SpaceX will be launching 60 satellite as part of the Project Starlink tomorrow Thursday


Often have Elon Musk plans very tall, whether it’s with regard to the conservation of underground tunnels to help ease traffic or create self-driving cars or the publication of a collection of satellites around the earth to help bring the internet to every person in the world. This latest initiative is called Starlink and IT company SpaceX, is expected to be implemented tomorrow, Thursday.

Indicate the reports that the company SpaceX is trying to launch 60 satellite as part of the initiative Starlink throughout the day tomorrow, Thursday. There have been multiple attempts to launch directly Starlink, most recently in the last week, but has been suspended due to high winds. Was schedule another attempt, but was postponed after that select programs and perform additional checks, so this will be the second time that you try to company SpaceX launch of its satellite GPS.

Wouldn’t be SpaceX the first company trying to bring internet to all corners of the Earth. In the past, we saw companies like Facebook and Google are trying to undertake similar efforts. However, the key difference in the draft Starlink private company SpaceX is that it uses the satellites, and this means covering a much larger area.

The goal is to install up to 12,000 thousand satellite in orbit. Mr. Elon Musk earlier that it should launch 400 satellite at least to provide coverage for ” simple“, and nearly 800 satellite to provide coverage of ” moderate “.

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