SpaceX will broadcast a lunar mission in the virtual reality

Just recently, SpaceX told many details about his lunar mission, planned for 2023. She also disclosed the identity of the first moon “tourist” who paid (Yes, there was a prepayment) for the tour around the moon. Together with a Japanese billionaire will take the eight artists. It will be beautiful. However, if you do not call, do not worry: the mission can be observed in virtual reality. They will not land on the satellite, just circled it in orbit and return to Earth.

Currently, SpaceX lunar mission planned for 2023. It will be held at Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) — a large version of the SpaceX rocket.

How to watch lunar mission in live?

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that SpaceX will be broadcasting the mission to the moon live in virtual reality “high resolution”. It looks like it will have to develop a special device, given the deplorable state of VR in our time. “You feel that you are there in real time, if you remove a few seconds because of the speed of light.”

Musk expects that SpaceX satellite system Starlink will be ready by the time the mission will get off the Ground. It would help the company to broadcast what is happening in virtual reality, especially in those moments when the spacecraft SpaceX and Earth will be the Moon.

Musk is famous for his ambitious promises, deadlines, and many believe that the mission will be repeatedly postponed. Well, let’s hope that by the time when she still held, the quality of the broadcast will be at the highest level.

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