SpaceX will review the plan to launch Internet satellites due to space debris

Over the last several years, SpaceX has been working on her project Starlink, the purpose of which is to launch thousands of low-orbit satellites that will provide high-speed Internet access to people around the world. In February, the company has put into orbit two prototype satellites that were used to test the technology before fully deployed satellite constellation. But despite the fact that these satellites had to move to a higher orbit than were located originally, they were not moved. Looks like SpaceX has slightly revised his plans.

According to The Verge, SpaceX, has approached the FCC with a request launch 1584 satellites at the altitude of 550 kilometers, although initially it was assumed the output of the 1,100-kilometer orbit. In the proposal, SpaceX stated that a lower orbit will help the company to reduce the number of satellites to scan, and more importantly, will help with removing satellites after they cease to function. Although SpaceX intends to make orbit with all the satellites when the time comes, if the companion says no, then SpaceX will not be able to withdraw it from orbit plan, the lower orbit will help in this case. In a lower orbit the natural effects of gravity and particles in the atmosphere — help companion to fall with time. At an altitude of 550 kilometers, the satellite will descend from an orbit on its own within five years, if not faster.

The problem of space debris

Of particular concern for SpaceX is space debris, as SpaceX eventually plans to launch 12 000 satellites in the framework of the project Starlink. 1584 satellites in this matter is only part of 4425 satellites that the FCC was allowed to start at the beginning of this year.

In the new application to FCC SpaceX says its two test satellites have demonstrated the benefits of working at a lower altitude. But the FCC still must approve the revised plans.

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