SpaceX will send tourists around the moon, but it is not the first who gave such promises

The company SpaceX yesterday attracted a lot of attention, announcing the name of the first space tourist, who was part of a group of half a dozen people will go to the first commercial trip around the moon.

If all goes well, in 2023 Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku of Maezawa in the company of different personalities of creative professions will go to a weekly cruise on a rocket Big Falcon Rocket around the natural satellite of our planet. However, SpaceX is not the only company that is targeted or aimed at space tourism around the moon. Briefly analyze each.

First, SpaceX has a pretty experienced competitor in the face of the company Space Adventures, working with Russian RSC “Energia”, “Roscosmos” and using the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz”. The company was founded in 1998 and since then with it to the International space station flew nearly a dozen individuals. In 2011, the company announced that 2014 will start to carry out flights to orbit the moon. However, these plans have never materialized.

A few years on the market of space tourism services associated with the Moon, there is another player: the non-public company, Golden Spike, founded in 2012, who promised to land Rover, and then tourists on our satellite. Unfortunately, the company went before her plans came to life.

In 2014, the company offered tours around the moon cost from 500 to 750 million, and also intended to send a satellite robotic Rovers for scientific research. But in 2015 the official site of the Golden Spike fell silent. However, last year, Alan stern, one of the founders of the private space enterprise, told the portal that “the company is still in business, but expects some major process steps for further development of their portfolio”.

Another company, Bigelow Airspace, has done a lot of testing of new space modules. The company strives to create the first space dwelling for permanent habitation. In the nearest plans of the company – sending and connecting the inflatable module to the International space station. The launch is scheduled for 2020. In addition, Bigelow Airspace shows interest in the moon. In the past year, the company unveiled a concept design of how to look like the space of the home. At the end of last year, the company also expressed a desire to deploy a space station near the moon by 2023, that is, by the time when the flight Maezawa associates.

SpaceX itself had also already sold tickets to space travel. Last year, the company announced that it has signed agreements to carry out two flights around the moon using a spacecraft Crew Dragon and booster Falcon Heavy.

Judging by yesterday’s presentation, Maezawa was just one of those people who signed up for one of these trips. But later decided to take the opportunity to fly around the moon using rockets BFR, taking over the company a few more people.

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