SpaceX will send tourists to the moon on a rocket BFR. Will fly if the Musk?

Nobody has seen Big Fucking Rocket (BFR) SpaceX rocket that can fly around the world, to the moon and even to Mars — in flight. But the company says it has already booked a place for private passenger for the trip around the moon.

On the moon no one had been since the end of the mission “Apollo” in the 70-ies, but now the “world’s first” SpaceX will break the stagnant pause. Details about who and why bother honored to try BFR and stare at the moon, will be revealed during a live broadcast Monday, September 17.

The first passenger on the moon

Last year, Elon Musk stated that we will see people go to the moon in 2018, but we expect that this will happen with the participation of the Falcon Heavy and Dragon capsule. Now, however, we are willing to wait in order to see all this with the participation of BFR.

Musk said that part of the spacecraft BFR will be ready for “short hopping flights” next year and test flights — three or four years. What is also interesting, he noted on Twitter that the above is a new version of the BFR and in response to a tweet questioning whether he was a passenger, Musk replied Emoji with Japanese flag.

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