Sparkles everywhere — running, has not yet exploded!

Platformers in the app store a lot, but the story of pyrotechnic products is only one. The focus of the game “Sparkles everywhere” is a firecracker, who wanted to live a little longer my friends. It will have to make decisions quickly and run a lot.

The game begins with a story about a firecracker named Suzanne. Once she realized that sooner or later the fuse burns down, followed by an explosion. Such a prospect did not suit her, so Suzanne took to fight for his life. Sounds easy, but in reality it is easy. At each level, the firecracker must be in the water before an explosion.

For the movement you are responsible. Initially, sufficient to run toward the ponds, but as the game progresses, the task will be complicated. The way will be obstacles that will have to compromise. Another type of interference — balls, which do not allow to go upstairs. Also have a huge snowball fight, catching up from behind.

All of this will have to be monitored closely. If you miss something out of sight, have to press restart.

The game has nice graphics and good sound. The only drawback is the limited moves. For the start of the race is required to be at least one firecracker. When inventory runs out, the app will suggest to wait to see the video to include an advertisement or unlock the full game without restrictions. The last scenario involves the payment.

If waiting is no problem, “Sparks everywhere” is perfect for the role of daily games. Platformer unusual idea attracts and retains high-quality performance.

Application: Sparkles everywhere
Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Category: Adventure
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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