Sparkpool froze a mysterious payment of 2100 ETH mined block. What’s the matter?

Mining pool Sparkpool reported that temporarily freezes the payment size in 2100 ETH, which he received for the extracted block. At the moment the pool is waiting for messages from the sender to understand the situation. The strange thing is that the amount of compensation exceeds the payment standard for each unit in the network is approximately 600 times. The company has notified the miners that freezes the payment of the equivalent of 300 thousand dollars and try to find what stage the error occurred.

Sparkpool mined block rewards in 2100 ETH launched our mechanism for such emergency situations. We have temporarily frozen the payment and wait until the sender will contact us. If he doesn’t make contact in the coming days, we will have to distribute the reward among all involved miners.

CEO Sparkpool Xu Xin talked to CoinDesk in WeChat. According to him, is what keeps a pool of funds, taking into account the impressive amount of money. Users and miners also came into the situation and sympathetic to the situation. While supporters of decentralization, opposed the desire to interfere.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the blockchain is not yet fully controlled by the machines. The human factor is still present. And this fact will allow us to understand the situation humanly. Fair treatment is the main priority of our pool.

Recall Sparkpool received payment size in 2100 for the ETH unit number 7238290 mined in the blockchain of Ethereum. Users suggested that this transaction may be incorrect, since in recent times people often accidentally set a huge transaction fee. There is also some suspicion that it may be money laundering through the second biggest in the world the blockchain, or the banal act of good will.

We will remind, in January, strange payments were observed in the network Ethereum Classic. Then pool 2Miners paid all funds to the miners . More data look at cryptodata.

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