Speaker smart HomePod will support iTunes Match and the Apple Music

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Become a smart speaker Apple HomePod is available for pre-order since last Friday with the knowledge that it will be released this device officially on the ninth day of February next. When Apple announced the device Apple HomePod stated that he supports the Apple Music service, and did not remember whether this device supports the iTunes Match or not.

Now it turns out that the smart speaker Apple HomePod will iTunes Match it seems that he will also support library iCloud Music with the digital assistant Siri. It should be noted that it has been confirmed by Apple, The Director of liberation, Serenity Caldwell at the site iMore.

So, if you mainly use iTunes Match and iCloud Music would be able to use the digital assistant Siri on the smart speaker Apple HomePod to run written full songs on the device. As has been already mentioned, you will be issued smart speaker Apple HomePod early next month priced at$ 349 in the USA and is priced at £319 in the UK. Before concluding we would like to point out that you can find out more details about smart speaker Apple HomePod from this article detailed here.


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