Speaker upcoming smartphone from the company Huawei has the name ” iDol Home “


Given that there are more and more companies that decided to enter the market of smart speakers, it would not be surprising to know that Huawei will try their luck in this market also. It’s already one of the manufacturers of smart phones, the fastest growing on the planet, so they are in a good position to compete in this lucrative market. According to a new report released today, it appears that Huawei is planning to issue smart speaker its own under the name of ” iDol Home “.

Advanced Huawei actually apply to get a pair of brands, which is ” iDol ” and ” iDol Home“, leading to speculation saying that the company is preparing to reveal the smart speakers. Includes description of the brand that can use these names in the ” smart speakers that are controlled by voice using the capabilities of the personal assistant is virtual“, that is the basic definition of loudspeaker smartphone.

Amid reports that the company Huawei also developed a personal assistant Advanced, the timing of this report sounds right, because that the digital assistant will definitely need to be strong to provide stronger performance for Speaker of the smartphone. There are other companies competing in this market such as Amazon, Google and Apple all have digital assistants.

Some companies have begun making smart speakers with the digital assistant Alexa of the Amazon company, and it is difficult now to believe that Huawei will go in this way if they are planning to launch the smart speaker.


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