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In the presence of this huge number of computer games, it’s time to launch a browser compatible with the games, and that’s exactly what I did company Opera launched Opera browser GX, which provides a range of features and options that will make computer games more smoothly and more customizable, if the water main in this browser is undoubtedly the control panel of your Bay, which allows you to specify the amount of CPU or RAM in the computer you want to allow the browser to use it.

Features of Opera browser GX

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Previously it was the players who have their browsers need memory big turn off in order to maximize their gaming experience, but with Opera browser the GX, that can run these games without any problems, in addition to that Opera needs GX a lot of the features you would like to move the site at any time, such as Twitch (built-in in the sidebar), and shortcuts to sites like Discord وReddit, can also be linked directly to your account in the Telegram andWhatsApp and Facebook.

In addition it built-in with browser a large collection of sound effects, range of colors of and, and exclusive wallpapers and the Razer Chroma, so that the elements of your game, matching the colors of the discrimination that is selected in the browser, there is also the ad blocker integrated browser VPN without log and GX Corner associated with, which will host all the latest news and presentations of games.

According to opera, the browser development Opera GX will be used in levels in the coming period, where the design of the initial release to get the amount for a number of well-known players who will have the opportunity also to say their opinion in repeat trade in the future and their dependence on the browser in its final form, there are boxes reactions spread all over the browser, is scheduled to release the final version later this year.

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