Specification amazing game adventures Outer Wilds

Announced the development studio Mobius Digital official release date of the game The Adventures of Outer Wilds, which come the end of the month across platforms PlayStation 4 was Xbox One, and PCs.

The publishing company Annapurna Interactive that the game will be available exclusively through the store Epic Games.

The development studio has announced earlier than 2018 for a new game, he stated that the game will be available to players through the year 2019, and finally identified the official release date of 30th May.

And game Outer Wilds game No Man’s sky, where it of games open-world and exploration in space, takes place around the closed solar system in a circle of time the player must find a solution to open the circuit and save themselves and save the solar system.

Players find themselves in the planet didn’t follow it just 20 minutes before sunrise and destroy and eliminate them due to a bug in the solar system, and repeated that term several times until the players reach a solution that they can correct the course of the solar system.

Assume the player’s character astronaut found himself on the planet in front of him 20 minutes and ending the life of it, and starts the player to explore the planet and the types of life we know the causes of this strange phenomenon.

And every time the player fails to correct the path of the solar system cause his death, and then returns to the same point to explore information and details more able to get out of that planet alive.

It consists of the game of the different stages and allows the player to skip what you don’t have to repeat them in next time, for example, there is in the game space observatory by a missile the player must launch it, if it allows the player to launch before the end of the cycle the planet you don’t have to repeat that task when you return to the starting point and begins to explore and complete other tasks.

One of the features of the game that make it more fun and change the nature of the planet after the end of the solar cycle which of course means ending the life of the player, forcing the player to venture and explore new areas each time.

To find out more details about the game you can watch the show trailer for the game.

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