Specification hour Timepiece coming from LG

The subject specification H Timepiece coming from LG appeared on Engadget.

Use LG to launch the first version of the extended hours to design a dual system combines Wear OS with the system representative of the traditional timepieces, where the former بTimepiece, today revealed the specifications for the associated with LG.


Detector specifications H Timepiece offered from the LG design the hybrid, combines the operating system Wear OS and applications, with the design for the traditional Pinion and index.

Designed LG to launch a smart watch be the point of first marketing where they offer the experience of facing the needs of the user between the smart watch and traditional authorities.

Featuring hour Timepiece next design metallic stainless steel, with the standards of IP68 for water and dust resistance, besides the delicate design freedom for the traditional system of authority.

LG is keen in clock design Timepiece not affect the exact Movement Index the former on the age of the battery, where the power can support the user even 100 a day charge the one with the clock mode traditional only.

Battery capacity hours Timepiece up to 240 mAh, only the former will be able to support the user in developing the traditional arena show time up to 4 days.

Hours Timepiece includes LCD screen size 1.2 inch, with the quality of the 360 view in 360 pixel resolution, or 300 pixels per inch.

With the system running Wear OS for smart watch, will be available to the user has also the advantage of having a smart watch with the possibility to download Google App Store.

Indicator in hour Timepiece supports user other advantages also to the side of the display timing, and as a compass, timer, or scale with the other features.

H Timepieceتأتي with a storage capacity of 4GB in the memory of the eMMC, along with Ram 768MB in LPDDR3 RAM, also supports previous chip, Snapdragon processor 2100 at a speed of 1.1 GHz.

In the specification of the call offer LG Watch Timepiece with network support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.2 but it does not support mobile networking, and also provides LG USB C 2.0 in the smart watch.

Timepiece characteristic size 45.5 45.4 12.9 mm, also launches the LG Smart Watch with bands of silicon with a thickness of 22mm, is also scheduled to present LG special version Timepiece Plus with two choices between bands of silicon or metal.

Expectations refer to the plans of LG for the official announcement about an hour Timepiece on Monday next, where you expect a smart watch in the beginning, better in the colors are black and silver.


The subject specification H Timepiece coming from LG appeared on Engadget.

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