Specification update for the cameras in the iPhone 11

With the approaching date of the disclosure of lineup iPhone 2019, which will be known as iPhone 11, send us a recording and a clear picture of what we expect from phones; while it will not change the design about iPhones the past two years, will focus Apple on upgrade the cameras as separates the the latest leaks.

Twice the storage capacity and an improved screen

There are improvements fixed in all models of the iPhone, most notably a new processor, and in the case of the iPhone 11 will be A13 Bionic. While likely not to increase the RAM capacity for 4 GB, are of the latter confirms that the storage capacity will increase the pressure, to begin moodily iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max values politicians of 128 instead of 64 GB, that options are available 256 and 512 GB when the price is higher.

While there is no information on the storage capacity of the iPhone 11R of the economy, confirms the source that the screen will be of the LCD type but with a higher resolution after the criticism a lot that longer screen iPhone XR.

Focus on the cameras

The source asserts that the focus of the upgrade in the iPhones 2019 will be the next to cameras, where you will get models Premier, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max on the rear camera third once you see the wide, exactly 120 degrees, to support through its 4K video recording at 30 frames per second.

Will upgrade the front camera to turn the feature recognition three-dimensional face, the Face ID, be the same speed reader fingerprint Touch ID with the iPhone old, recalled previous reports to the it will work from a distance closer than the current.

Will the other improvements sound recording video thanks to the new microphone, and the export Porter (isolated background) thanks to its reliance on aggregate information from the cameras of the three, and artificial intelligence in the identification of the viewer and then adjust the export settings and colors in accordance with each scene.

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Finally, the source confirmed that the glass back for iPhone 11 will change, that shine the logo of the Apple TV in some models and reflects the colors of the rainbow, and did not require to mention the colors that will be available by phone, but expect dark green, gold, gray, silver based on previous leaks. But we can’t be certain of the validity of the leaks until the official announcement is expected to be in September 10.

Source PhoneAreana

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