Specification update partner Xbox games 10 Windows 10

Bar saw Xbox games 10 Windows 10 provide some of the capabilities the new smart, which is a counter frame rate and overlay the achievements, these are the elegant touches that are wanted by players for a while now, according to a tweet from Mike Ybarra, a vice president for the Xbox Live (In addition to being responsible for a lot of elements of Xbox other), these features exist now in the Game Bar, or at least you will get them in the bar game after updating it from the Microsoft Store.

However, we have seen other comments online, especially at the expense of the Xbox games 10 on Twitter that people have updated the app, but they still don’t see these new capabilities so far, so may be posting this in part just yet, or may be available only to my lab Preview Windows, unfortunately is not offered any clarification so far of the situation minute availability.

Partner Xbox games 10 available soon

شريط ألعاب Xbox 10 الخاص بـ Windows 10 حصل على تحديثات متميزةPartner Xbox games 10 Windows 10 got updates premium

However rest assured that if you do not get these good things so far, it seems they are about to become available to everyone, receive Xbox Game Bar updates regularly recently, including a bit erotic such as mounting options add-in for Spotify and health in general, in addition to providing a strong advantage of looking for group (LFG), where the first presents your tires current per second so you can see how smooth the game you’re playing, and lets you overlay the achievements Xbox show what you unlock it with one look.

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