Specifications and materials the launch of the phone, Xiaomi Mi Note 10

In January 2015 launched the Xiaomi first phones leading of type Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, it was announced Mi Note 2 with its first smartphone Mi MIX in October 2016, after becoming the phone Mi Note 3 officially launched in September 2017, not fired Xiaomi any new phone of the series, the Mi Note, in June of this year, stated CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun that the company will launch a series of Mi Note and Mi Max smart phones, Although it claimed party reliable from China that Xiaomi might revive the series Mi Note through the launch of its flagship phone Mi Note a 10 at the end of October.

But did not disclose this source any details about the specifications of Xiaomi Mi Note 10, while phones, the Mi Note of the first and second generation full specifications the main, it was Mi Note 3 is a phone medium term, however, is expected the appearance of the Mi Note 10 as the primary device, and therefore it is likely to be characterized by the presence of Snapdragon 855+ SoC

Some of the specifications expected for Mi Note 10

إطلاق هاتف Xiaomi Mi Note 10 الجديد بحلول نهاية أكتوبرThe launch of the phone, Xiaomi Mi Note The new 10 by the end of October

Revealed recent reports to the developers of XDA that the demo version of MIUI 11 includes a symbol to prepare the display update rate provides options to switch between 60 Hz and 120 Hz, and therefore it seems that Xiaomi may launch a smartphone at a rate of refresh of 120 Hz in the near future, remains to be seen whether the mysterious phone tail the refresh rate to 90 Hz will need an OLED screen or LCD, claimed to report also that the source code for MIUI 11 includes references such as “tele 5x” and “tele tele” along with the description says “Use the zoom 50x to capture objects far in more detail”.

These findings suggest that there may be a phone Xiaomi smartphone which may provide imaging features like optical zoom 5x digital zoom 50x, revealed a process of Research via MIUI 11 it can also smart phone the same video capture to accurately 8K at 30 fps, it remains to be seen whether the device Mi Note 10 Commons can be equipped with a screen display frequency of 120 Hz with the possibilities of the camera such as zoom optical 5x, digital zoom 50x and video recording is strictly 8K at 30 fps.

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