Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A70S

Use Samsung to launch the Samsung Galaxy A70S in a few weeks to come, so after the release of the recent report recently that the Galaxy Note 10 might lose sensor phone camera accurately 64 MP associated with the Samsung where it was planned to add this sensor in that device, it now appears that the electronics giant in South Korea will for the first time that the sensors described by a lot of people get lonely on a lower quality much.

According to ET News Korean, skip Samsung to bring the first camera phone is strictly 64 megapixels in the world to the Samsung Galaxy A70S a phone coming mid-term is likely to be an upgrade for your Galaxy A70 that was released just now, if you choose the Samsung phone mid-range for the first time in the sensor 64 Mbytes is not surprising, it has already been stated that the CEO of Samsung Mr. DJ Koh for told CNBC last year that the company “will bring the technology and points of differentiation starting from the second half of the year 2019”.

The launch date of the Samsung Galaxy A70S

قريبا..هاتف Samsung Galaxy A70S بدقة كاميرا 64 ميجا بيكسلSoon, the Samsung Galaxy A70S accurately camera 64 MP

If the report is accurate, then the Samsung Galaxy A70S grab the crown of Miss of Sony battery current, which appeared for the first time in 2018 on the phone IMX586 smartphone that contains the sensor 48 megapixels, point ET News that Samsung Galaxy A70S may be launched during the second half of 2019, despite the fact that there is currently no information on the specific areas that will be in the phone.

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