Specifications phone LG G8X planned to be launched in September next

We heard recently that the company LG.LG will launch the LG phone G8X which will be announced in September, probably at IFA 2019, and although the phone is not known, we have seen now in the image of the bride was leaked where he shared two of the famous shopping and they press one tweet reveal a new phone and he knows a phone with a “teardrop” is very small, which is much smaller than the full class size on LG G8, the phone that is sure to G8X will be his successor or upgraded version of it.

Specifications phone LG G8X

مواصفات هاتف LG G8X المزمع طرحه في سبتمبر المقبلSpecifications phone LG G8X planned to be launched in September next

Otherwise the design somewhat with a back glass on what looks like a metal frame camera dual lens and headset size 3.5 mm and chin in the bottom of the screen, however there are two main differences, the first difference is that there is no scanner of fingerprints here, and with the lack of sufficient space on what it looks like in the face recognition system is decent, it is likely to be an LG phone G8X contains a fingerprint scanner in the screen, this feature is starting to become common in major programs, but LG haven’t implemented yet.

The main difference of the second is the presence of earpiece, which suggests that LG has lagged behind technology Crystal Sound-Free hole of LG G8, which use vibrations to produce sound through the screen, this is a bit disappointing if this is true, while this feature seems like a gimmick, we found it worked well, finally, according to the source, owns the phone LG G8X screen size 6.2 inch almost, a rise of 6.1 inches on the LG G8, and dimensions of the apparently 159.3 × 75.8 × 8.5 mm, Making it the largest all-round 151.9 x 71.8 x 8.4 mm LG G8.

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