Specifications phone V60 ThinQ from LG

Although announced in the month of February, but LG V50 ThinQ didn’t arrive to the stores only in the month of May, but it seems that the LG company had been processing phone V60 ThinQ to declare the month of September, where the company confirmed that it will detect a new device in the 6 September at the IFA 2019, while not naming the device, the company introduced a video clip of you know through his picture phone and its specifications, we find that it strongly suggests that the device will be the successor to the LG V50 ThinQ, as the V50 ThinQ contains only one screen, As it supports the annex a screen s is called LG DualScreen.

Some specification of phone V60 ThinQ

LG تطرح هاتف هاتف V60 ThinQ قريبًا بشاشة وكاميرا بتقنيات جديدةLG ask Phone phone V60 ThinQ soon screen camera new

We can only conjecture the name of the V60, but LG has previously registered that name (besides the V70 and V80 and V90), but what can we expect from a phone V60 ThinQ other than the second screen? Well, you know the teaser that the character of the game video camera and the games, which suggests that the phone may focus on photography and games, moreover spotted LetsGoDigital patented phone LG with interface full screen appear in the form of two screens and a camera pierced, this will be the first of a kind LG, and in the patent include the camera what appears to be a synesthete, to the side of the lens.

It is not clear what are the specifications, but can be a sensor plug-ins to allow some form of facial recognition the advanced style Face ID on the iPhone XS, of course this is just speculation at the moment, with falling phone fairly soon, we expect the emergence of more leaks and rumors in the coming weeks, for more on the specifications of the phone.

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