Specifications stronger and bigger MacBook Pro

Unveiled the Apple officially unveiled the MacBook Pro new size 16 inch to be the largest and most powerful laptop from Apple, but rather a challenge to competitors as it “the most powerful notebooks”.

Apple seems to have learned from the mistakes of the past where I replaced the keyboard Butterfly with the new, also made a screen is the largest in laptops MacBook Pro.

New screen size 16 inch, accuracy, 3,072×1,920 pixels, at a rate of 226 pixels per inch, and surfaces up to 500 net, and to support the colors of the DCI-P3.

The new keyboard as the Magic becomes backed by high-end designed to writing experience calm and quick response, after refer to the adoption of mechanical Scissor traditional.

We note the top of the keyboard having the tape touch Touch Bar, which is right here next to the button to Escape, as there is in the end of the tape account Touch ID to confirm the identity of the user by a fingerprint. Featuring MacBook Pro the total of 6 speakers, also comes with a safety T2.

As for the performance, which the buyer options for Intel the ninth generation, either hexagonal or eight cores, where the latter is able to raise the frequency of the processor to 5 GHz, this helps to provide twice the speed and stronger performance devices MacBook Pro 15 inch.

In the side of the graphics, thanks to being the MacBook Pro and the new first to support the latest AMD processors Core 7 nm, with a memory of 4 GB RAM virtual can be increased to 8 GB, the faster your video editing to 80% of the games and 60% compared to the previous model.

As and to the improved design of the propellers achieve better air flow by 28%, working with refrigeration units, which increased efficiency by 35%, to accommodate the performance of the central processor and the Global New.

As for the numbers ingredients, setting off capacities RAM of 16 GB type DDR4, with a capacity of 512 GB high speed SSD, and the RAM 64 GB storage capacity SSD 8 TB-the highest capacity in laptops at all, and it alone is 2000$.

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Comes MacBook Pro, the new card buyer 100Wh is the largest in any MacBook Pro, the largest capacity allowed on the aircraft, and up to 11 hours of web browsing, can be charged by the charger 96 Watt facility.

And start the cost of the MacBook Pro new from $ 2,400, which is the same price of the launch models 15-inch, building on the options of the central processor Archers Archers default storage capacity, up higher cost to 6,100 dollars. The laptop demand since its launch, and next week in Apple stores around the world.

Source Apple TV

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