Specter and Milan.. gap with Intel, which shook the world of technology

Filled up all the locations of technology during the last hours with the news facing a gap in processors the Central in the name of the specter, and Milan allow to steal your important data from your phone or your personal account from memory directly. Unfortunately these gaps, most of our phones edges us closer to a breakthrough, and in this article you will find everything you need to know about newly discovered vulnerabilities.

What do you do gaps and discovered her?

New gaps with the utmost simplicity you can steal data from your phone memory or your computer access for supposed that it is not possible to read it. The police discovered giant Google gap to cool Intel and AMD and ARM, to agree on a Date 9 January 2018 to detect the gap is uniform before the disclosure of the details before the time.

The reaction of Google and ARM and Intel

Google has released an update for private and for Android to improve services from these gaps, in the event the Chrome OS also to protect it, the ARM issuing all the details available for the gap with careful monitoring of processors on Intel among its processors, as Intel was the reaction weaker where the statement media just don’t focus entirely on the gap itself and what it does the company.

How will the gap and the impact of treatment

The way in which it is possible to solve the problem is the Kernel Page Table Isolation or IPTI is dependent on isolation tables can away from user space, but this unfortunately affects performance. There is no definite information so far on the proportion of the reduction this change of performance, but it doesn’t seem to rate reduce careless in the performance where according to the reports published until now, the ranging from 5% to 30%.

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