(Speed) available now application Gmail on Android

(الوضع السري) متاح الأن لتطبيق جيميل على الاندرويد
(Speed) available now application Gmail on Android

(Speed) available now application Gmail on Android

One of the most important advantages of email Gmail been granted to users of Android starting from today, a feature to send messages and attachments over roads safer for all .

The situation or secret (Confidential mode) is available from today for all users of the app on the Google platform .

In WOT:: spam Gmail for Android adds a feature to schedule the transmitter soon

What is the situation in email Gmail

Using the secret mode new, users can set the expiration date of the letters, in addition, for the recipients of the message Secret, they won’t be able to forward the message or copy, print, or download them to their devices.

You can also set an expiration date and the symbol of the passage of the message or attachment you send, if you choose “No pass code via SMS”, you will be able to people who use the Gmail app to open your message or your attachments directly, while people who don’t have a Gmail account to get a passcode via email from Google .

The new update is available now to apply Gmail for Android, which is updated by the Google servers don’t need to update the app from your side .

Witness the way the work situation a new Secret :


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