Speed Test between the iPhone XR Samsung Note 9

When you issue a phone iPhone XS the flagship of the Apple TV, has been to involve him in speed tests against other rival phones, has proved his superiority in the selection of the speed of running apps against phone Note 9 Samsung by 14 seconds, according to the channel PhoneBuff on YouTube. Today back to the channel again to test the speed of the iPhone XR against Note 9, let’s see what you say to us the results of the test.

Despite the big difference in RAM capacity RAM for Note 9, except that the iPhone XR can prove himself in this test and to score the equalizer with a Samsung phone. It is worth mentioning that Apple owns the chip A12 Bionic power, and RAM up to 3 GB, while the Samsung phone includes a chip SNAP 845, and RAM capacity of 8 GB.

As expected, he won the iPhone XR easily in the first round on Note 9 when you run the application, but the latter is usually strongly in the second round thanks to the RAM capacity of 8 GB. But at the end it enables the XR of the keep more applications open in memory, such as Subway Surfers and Flip Diving and Excel and Word and other.

With that, the Note 9 compensated for lost time because all the apps were open in the memory, while it is not needs the application of Facebook and Adobe Premiere and camera application in the phone memory XR.

But finally got both phones to a time of 2:38, with the difference 15 part of the second in favor of Apple.

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