Speed Test between the iPhone XS Max noted 9

There are many tests that deals with the speed of the phones, but the test PhoneBuff uses the hand of the robot to launch same group of applications and switch between them without the intervention of humans is what makes it more credible.

Recall that the iPhone X miss out on all the leading handsets in the first session of the test, which is available on the launch of a range of applications but because of the 3 gigabytes of address space only from the radio and close the iOS some of the background processes when the case was lost in the second session which is to refer to the open application.

The iPhone XS max against Note 9, the superiority of the first is clearly in the test, thanks to the A12 Bionic new capacity to 4 gigabytes of RAM, though Note 9, the user is the most expensive with a capacity of 8 gigabytes Ram.

Finish the test lead got to 15 seconds (10%) in favor of the iPhone XS Max, where he managed to keep all the applications in RAM only Starbucks which launched of new, and of course the capacity was 8 gigabytes of RAM enough to keep all the apps that are in RAM but didn’t help him to win good adaptation to iOS, and finally to you the difference in speed on the graph where the black symbolizes for iPhone XS MAX Blue Notes 9.

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