Speed The Fast shipping upcoming phones Huawei “will you”

Designed smartphone companies to develop technology shipping to determine the least time for the company while maintaining the security of the phone and the battery.

Although the Quick charge feature of the Huawei excels already on the competitors, it seems that the company is seeking to expand the clutch; leaked information that Huawei have the plug supports the ability of 44 watts, twice what the plug phones and P20, as it has obtained 3C certification, which confirms that it is safe.

Recall that the telephone Onur magic of 2016 possible, charge full in 45 minutes thanks to the fast shipping, but expect to achieve the new generation charging 90% in 30 minutes, while the technique of Qualcomm’s 50% charging in 30 minutes, and the technique of dash 60% for the same period.

I didn’t reveal Huawei after about the phones that will support the new generation of shipping hacks, but there are expectations on the first introduced into phones about 20 platforms launched in October.

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