Spend less time on social media can decrease loneliness

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Let social media as the name suggests that people have ” social ” on the internet where you can share your life with friends and family even if you live thousands of kilometers away. However, it seems that social media was a completely different effect, where friends and families out there with each other, but with buried their faces in their phones.

Now according to a new report from the University of Pennsylvania which conducted a study on this topic, I have found that spending less time on social media can decrease loneliness. According to the study, have confirmed the existence of a ” causal relationship between time spent on Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram and the low level of welfare “.

Adds Ms. Melissa G. Hunt which lead the team responsible for this study : ” here’s the bottom line. The use of social media at a lower level usually leads to a big reduction in both depression and loneliness. These effects are particularly clear to people who were more sombre when they entered the study. Some suggest the existing literature on social media to having a vast amount of comparisons to the social challenge. When you look into the lives of others, especially on Instagram, it is easy to conclude that the life of every person else. the most beautiful or the best of your life “.

This does not mean that you should not spend time on social media, but if you find yourself using way more than necessary, maybe it’s time for you to change in to stop it. Ask companies like Apple and Google features for the operating systems which try to make users familiar with the time you spend on social media platforms, as well as to put restrictions in place.


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