Spent on the project by the ambitious?.. Intelligent aweber artificial kills woman

Called officials in Arizona companies such as aweber and others to experience self-driving cars in the streets of birth, as years ago where they saw it appropriate mandate for it. But this decision didn’t seem right last Sunday where they led a self-driving car from uber to kill a lady in one of the streets of the state.

This is the case is the first historic car self-driving, which is already the first time that we see something similar. After the bus company decided to aweber shutdown tests on self-driving cars in a number of cities besides the city the accident of them, Toronto and San Francisco.

This unfortunate incident reminds everyone that self-driving cars are not ready for use maybe is not ready for testing in the streets of the foundation, urged governments even now for that matter regulation seems complex to a large extent.

Helps a number of companies including aweber Wu users to implement technologies of self-driving cars in the quickest time with the testing in the streets of the United States of America in a lot of cities.

According to the companies working on these techniques the self-driving cars safer than regular cars so they can’t buy it, so he tells the driver easily distracted. out of the equation, but these promises don’t seem true to the extent at least where it seems that this technique is old read the contract only in the research phase won’t come out into the light car in the market soon.

And even now there is news about the steps to be taken by the other companies testing self-driving cars after this incident, where was posted this car in California without a driver’s Emergency, as is happening in Arizona in April next, but it is possible to see producers in the state are shying away from it after this incident.

And is currently working on a number of development of own car-self-driving, told the senator that still need a lot until it becomes safe for the horse.

And the car Volvo XC90 with aweber in the death of Elaine Herzberg the age of 49 years Sunday evening at about ten in the evening, in the presence of the driver of the emergency behind the wheel.

After investigating the incident it was found that they were in the circumstances of the mild weather and the car did not slow down before the shock the bike that says the lady, where was the shock at a speed of 40 miles per hour. Called Sarah abboud, speaking in the name of uber the lady with the directed message to her family.

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