Spigen and Ossia working together to create a protective cover supports wireless charging Real


For years we wait to see wireless charging technology ” real “. These days, the word means wireless charging put our devices on the charging base, the technology is still constrained because, when we remove the phone above the charger, the charging stops. However, the future of real wireless charging is approaching, and can help both the Spigen and the Ossia at the start of this era.

Company is working Ossia on wireless charging technology since a relatively long time has worked with many companies in the past. However, in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019, which was held recently in Las Vegas, USA, presented us the company and Spigen protective cover for a smartphone that would provide real wireless charging. When this is put the phone inside the protective cover receives the wireless signals from the transmitter power developer by a company Ossia from a distance of up to 3 meters and a half ago.

This means that in a small room, like the bedroom, will continue the charging process as long as the transmitter is running and your phone is wearing a protective cover. Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us the company Ossia when will this technology available for purchase, although it is said that it requires to launch by next year, but the fact that they are working with a company Spigen suggesting that this technology will arrive in the near future.

But there is also the question of cost and development, we are sure that there are some users who don’t prefer to use protective covers designed by the company Spigen.


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