Spotify allows advertisers to target blogging audience audio “podcast” is particularly

Announced platform, Spotify today announced a special style to target ads to users of its platform by advertisers, where you will be able to the advertiser through the area of the target audience of the podcast or the audio data is particularly similar to the AIDS established in the declaration.

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So that way the ad routine on the platform of Spotify you by targeting users according to the tracks musical favorite their playlists and the types of those tracks, to avoid Day for new advertisers and more personalized to give their ads.

In this step of the organization of the musical world at the same time seeking to implement field podcast increased his audience of current users, as well as attracting new collectors, where will this step on the nature of the ads and their impact in the presence of the other means available to advertisers in this market.

Following the official spokesperson of the organization on the line of the new announcement is that they aspire to develop advertising solutions with a strong impact in the market of the podcast, Stay With the classifications of roads and other advertising provided by Spotify both tracks as music or video.

In an initial step the Spotify contract limited with the company Samsung and American mining 3M to test the ability of the ad via podcast, and then expanded the scope to become the process of advertising these are available in many global markets.

Which included 10 markets in the present time the United States annexed Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

And speaking of the nature of advertising via podcast it will follow the same approach Spotify in their advertisements other across the tracks, where it will continue for people who do not pay for the service, as the subscription service is the only way to get content on the platform without colliding with ads.

In return will be of interest to corporate, announced via a podcast platform Spotify is bigger, because of the ability to determine the category by programs and podcasts you follow.

For example Samsung as an advertiser can target interested and fans for the audio data, technical, unlike the methods of the previous announcement that control category according to the tracks the way my favorite types to be this way more effective in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that the market for podcast voice training growing rapidly and a great interest of different music in the recent period, where the Spotify acquired the studio producing podcasts and Parcast last March.

Followed by practical steps to strengthen this acquisition and to ensure the forefront in this market in the future and the exploitation of a number of its users that their number exceeded 217 million of which 100 million subscribers in this area.

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