Spotify choose feature view lyrics directly while listening

Spotify now choose the feature to display the lyrics of the song in real time -i.e. while listening to it – this right after allowed Apple this feature in the Apple Music app since a few time.

Confirmed a large number of users around the world they are already in receipt of this feature on their phones as this feature will be based on service and the application Musixmatch is the application of the advantage review the lyrics many years ago, in the following image taken from the app while activating the new feature:

From its part, has confirmed Spotify this to Tech Crunch confirmed they vary this feature is already on a limited number of accounts but has not yet determined the date of its launch.

What do you think about this feature? I think it’s an excellent feature, especially as it allows you to save your favorite songs as you will be overloading your English and gain new words if you listen to music English.

Source: Digital Trends

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