Spotify choose the first device has a “Car Thing” intelligent assistant to run the tracks in the car

Announced that Spotify are on the verge of choosing the first real forum not to run the musical tracks in the car, since it aims to test the intelligent assistant as the Car Thing to allow users to navigate between tracks a lot easier as the feeds of apartments for the company in terms of identify the tendencies of users to music while driving.

The device works via a connector port 12-volt port (lighter) in the same way that calling the shipper or other links according to the status of the user, be it may contact the drive and coupled to the phone via Bluetooth where is the link to his account Spotify user and choose any of the songs that he wants to hear her after activating the device saying “Hey Spotify”.

Have Car Thing the screen of the small circular know the name of the track music while it is running as there is on the side of his other number of buttons, competent process and adjust the machine before operating.

As explained to the company, the test will begin in the coming weeks in the context of a specific proposal now on the United States and a certain group of subscribers; and reported by the close of the company it did not yet have a specific date to start and the testing process, and that there is no intention to specify to launch the Car Thing for all the users extensively in its current state.

In said Spotify via her blog that she is not in the process of industrial products or devices but rather for an expanded and on the tastes and problems of their users in order to develop itself and to keep the house music world.

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